Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nutless Wonder

Well I would have posted a picture but Cindy made off with the camera on her girly weekend trip. Seumas did a lot better today. He was walking around, even trotting sometimes.

Didn't sleep very well last night of course. Seumas stayed in the bed with Cindy and I and that usually results in not sleeping well. It's particularly difficult when you have to prevent the little bastard from licking his wound, while also trying to be unconscious.

The wound is a little pink, but not bloody. His poor little scrotum looks a bit like an overripe cherry which I have to say kind of horrifies me. He used to have those two proud testicles which he displayed so unabashedly. Had to put his lamp shade on him a couple times today to keep him from messing with his wound. He's definitely loving the soft food that Cindy got him. Helps with giving him his antibiotic pill too.

I can tell he's going to bounce back really fast though. Already he's climbing steps. Yesterday I had to pick him up. He got his peanut butter filled bone today that Cindy got this morning and of course within a half hour, both Cordy and Seumas had their bone totally gutted.

Matt came over and I taught him how to play D&D miniatures, during which he promptly kicked my ass. It's an odd game for me. It's the one I continually lose and still can't wait to play it again. After that we had food and beer and rum and bad movies and it was much fun.

Tonight will probably be yet another crappy night's sleep, but with Cindy gone for the night, the dogs are sleeping in the bed. I'm a sucker like that.

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