Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!

This post unfortunately won't have pictures, but I'll post some later. Happy New Year everyone! We had a fantastic holiday this year and I wanted to thank everyone for all the wonderful gifts. (some of these warrant pictures, so like I say, I'll post those later). For a great little video on how New Year's Eve went, jump over to Matt and Camille's Blog.

It feels like a lot has happened during the holidays. Both our old housemates got engaged over Christmas (not to each other). So Congrats to Emily and Michael, and Shimmy and Emilie. Yes, two Emilies, and Matt dated them both at one time or another. Michael's the odd man out, but I guess this now makes him the right man in! We're really stoked for all of you!!!

We had a blast gaming in Idaho with my sister and her friends. We got through an entire adventure in one night! It even snowed while we played. I love spending time with my sister when I can. She continually makes me laugh in new ways. It was great to see all my family, to spend time with my mom again, with my grandparents, and to see the extended family on Christmas Eve.

Thanks again to Adam and Julia for meeting us for breakfast. I wish we could have spent more time together but it was great to catch up even for a little bit.

Our Christmas gifts were great and meaningful. The highlight for me was mom's gift of her old wedding band, which fit my ring finger perfectly. Then the next day Cindy gave me a new wedding ring too! Unfortunately it didn't fit. So we went to the jeweler and got mom's ring sized for my right hand ring finger (which is a little bigger than my left hand), but we couldn't get my new wedding ring sized because it would have put it out of shape. When we got home, we looked up the site and found that they didn't make my new ring in a Men's size smaller than a 9. I'm an 8 - 8.5. It's going to work out fine though. We're going to return the ring and if they can't make a ring in my size of the style Cindy picked out, I'll get a duplicate of the ring I had originally lost, but an upgrade to 14k instead of 10k. All of our gifts were great and it seems we did well on the gifts we gave this year too.

I don't really have any resolutions for the new year, but I do have a few hopes and wishes.

  • That mom and Cindy land great jobs ASAP
  • That The Gamers: Dorkness Rising gets a great distribution deal ASAP
  • That Demon Hunters: The Roleplaying Game does well
  • That Jeremy's real estate business really takes off
  • That Dead Gentlemen lands at least two great deals/projects this year
  • That I get to see my family in North Carolina
  • That Grandma and Grandpa Hall get well soon
  • That I take up some kind of regular physical activity
  • Maybe, just maybe, I begin learning the guitar (bass or otherwise)
  • That I get to do some acting
  • That I become extremely proficient with a pistol
I'd say that's a good start. Well, got to get back to work. Happy New Year Everyone! If you feel like it, post a comment on some of your New Year's Wishes/Resolutions this year. I'm interested in seeing what you hope 2008 holds for you.

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