Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mini Me

Well I don't have a whole lot of excuses. This blog is like the front page of the DG website. Dead.

The good news is, Cindy found a great job, I'm waiting on my bonus, and I'll be ordering my Mini Cooper soon.

It's harder than I thought. There are SO many choices. Do I get the normal Mini or the Mini Cooper S? Do I get it in the Clubman, or do I get a normal sized one? And the most difficult one of all, WHAT FREAKIN' COLOR???

So, I'm attaching some photos of these choices. Maybe you can help me.

Cindy is opposed to me getting the S version. Mainly because it's not as good in gas mileage. But truthfully, by not as good we're talking trading about 4 MPG for 60 extra horses.

The other thing I discovered in my research, is that the Cooper S version is in much higher demand, so it retains it's value far better than the normal Cooper.

Sigh. Think I still like the Clubman though. It's different and cool.

This one here is a Clubman regular style.

This is the Mini Cooper S Clubman in the blue.
I do like the blue, although I like the black roof and trim better.

I test drove the non S version and it seemed to have a lot of pep. But I keep reading that the more you drive it, the more you wish you had the get up and go, to maneuver through traffic or react and have it handle the way you want to.

But I am also wary of getting too excessive. To follow my buying interests, here are the following for any of you Dale Carnegie fans out there:

1. My Dominant Buying Motive is that I want Comfort. This will be both my mobile office and my play car. I spend a lot of time in my car for work and I want to be comfortable in it. I also don't really like driving and so driving a car that is fun to drive is kind of new for me.

2. Must Haves:
  • Stickshift/Manual Transmission
  • Sport Seats/Comfy seats
  • Multifunction Steering Wheel
  • Car Alarm
3. Other Considerations:
  • Sunroof
  • Everything Else. :)
This is the white color with the black roof I like.

So, what it amounts to is: Do I need the extra space in the back that the Clubman will provide? Would I rather trade 9 extra inches of trunk space for more horsepower? I don't think I can afford to build a Clubman S version unfortunately.

Sigh. Too many freakin decisions.


Tish said...

I missed your blog posts! I'm a fan of blue with black trim btw :)

Katie said...

4 mpg is a big freakin' deal. Granted I've turned into some kind of crazy enviromentalist (ok, crazier...), but all I have to say is to look at the price of gas when you drive by. And since that's only gonna keep going up, 4 mpg can make a big difference.

And trunk space is nice too. "That's a big trunk." "Yup. You can fit 6 suitcases and a dead dog in it." Or however that quote goes.

As for fun to drive, they'll probably both be the same, and honestly, people say they want the "get up and go", but I drive an automatic 1988 Ford Tarus (6 cyls), and I can accelerate way better than 95% of the people on the road. Believe me, a 6 cyl 2006 Mustang has way more power than my car, but I almost never see it used. If you beat most people off of a green light, you don't need the extra power, but you're the one person who might benefit from it. Ironic, eh?

I like that white/black roof one, too. Or the silvery gray/black roof. But do you really want any black on your car, living in SoCal? Just a thought...

Don Early said...

The other thing to consider is, I don't pay for my own gasoline. Not that justifies anything, but as far as cost goes for me personally, fuel cost is not an issue. Well, as long as I'm employed by my current employer. [knock on wood].

Plus if I ever want to sell the thing, the Cooper S holds it's value better. More in demand than the normal Cooper.

If I can get a Cooper S Clubman, that's the best of all worlds.

As for the black roof... well, I can't justify an all black car in SoCal, but I do like the black roof on the Coopers better than any other color. I'm weird that way.

Camille said...

Any updates? :)