Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long time no blog

Been pretty busy keeping up with the Dead Gentlemen news updates and blogs and such so I haven't had much time to update this one.

Not that there's too much to report. Haven't really taken pictures of the new place. We should do that. Dorkness Rising is now available on Netflix, and I just learned you'll be able to buy it at very soon.

That means that Blockbuster will be soon to follow. Hopefully Hollywood Video, Borders and Best Buy won't be long after that.

The DVD is selling like crazy, which is awesome. And so far the fan response is that it is definitely up to snuff of their expectations, and a lot of people are saying it's so funny they have to pause the DVD to stop laughing before they continue on.

That's pretty high praise. So I've been pretty busy trying to work on the next few things, as well as trying to drum up business for Revchem. Tough market out there.

Well, off to finish making dinner. Grandma, if I can get your username and password I think I can fix your blogs.

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