Monday, September 8, 2008

Really good day...

So why did I end up cranky? I did a lot of relatively productive calls today at work. Made some good appointments for the week. Got home. Read some really great stuff for Demon Hunters that we've been kind of working on lately. Matt really cranked out some material in the past few days. So I'm going through that.

Cindy really looks great to me. I dunno, maybe it's her new clothes, or her attitude or something...

Kind of thinking about doing something athletic. Jeremy wants to try an Israeli martial art with me that looks a bit like Wing Tsun kind of fighting, and they used it in some of The Mummy movies. So that could be cool.

So why the frack am I cranky?

Not really a bad mood, but just irritated, or irritable. WTF? Moody man I guess.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

What a sweet comment to make about your wife! But it makes me wonder, does she have a certain glow about her?