Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Best in LA

As mentioned before, tonight was the Best in LA awards for the 48 Hour film competition.

No we didn't win. And thank god, there were some damn talented people who deserved to win it.

They created a new category this year, and there was a tie for the win. Best Comedy. Nope, we didn't win that either. That one I think we kind of deserved to tie. The other strong comedy was really awesome. Oh well.

We did win an audience award. Pretty proud of that. AND, our lead actress tied for an honorable mention with another actress for best performance. I have to say I'm pretty proud of that. Not that I take credit for her performance, just that she did a great job and I'm glad someone took notice. And I got to help out with that.

Over all, I think Cindy summed it up. "Well, I think you got what you deserved." Yeah, pretty much.

About the moving I mentioned. Yes we're moving in about three weeks. Trying to save some money on rent. Found a good place actually just down the street from us. Definitely not up to what we've been living in, but you can't beat the rent for what we'll be getting in the area. And we'll save about $700/month. It sickens me that what we're saving, WAS our rent at one point in our lives.

I'd say I'm very happy with things... going back to the film competition. For a guy who doesn't know his way around a camera too well, I managed to competently pull it off. Dom was able to cut it together well. We got great performances and had fun doing it. The script was awesome, thanks to Matt.

And I've learned something... or rather remembered what my goal is as a filmmaker. In some instances tonight, we were up against giants. Hell, most of the films kicked our asses. It was a good humbling experience. I'm not a brilliant director. I don't know that I ever will be. I want to be competent, to be able to do the job I'm hired to do, or however that goes... and I want to have fun doing my job. Directing is not my goal career. It's an important part of it, and I REALLY enjoy it, and I'm getting better at it. Filmmaking is my goal career. Unfortunately, that term is still a little too vague to really make it in this town. You really do have to pick something. It's most likely going to be producing, while I learn and develop my directing skills and career on the side, when the opportunities come along.

I also find that what I want to do as a filmmaker is definitely influenced by who I'm working with. It will be interesting to see how far that takes me.

So, I have a lot to learn, but what I do know can tell a story. Not many budding filmmakers can actually say that, even though they will say it. I know I'm not desperate, because I'm not locked into one specific role and I'm confident in my abilities, my relationships, and my trust in the unknown. I'm not out to prove anything, just to make a living at doing something I love, and spending time with people.

I sleep now.

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barb said...

Don, We are very proud of what you have accomplished in your film endeavors. Keep up the good work.