Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Really haven't had time to sit down and say anything. I decided I'm just going to write SOMETHING. Cripes, I blog about as much as DG has an update on the website.

Got a brand spanking new iMac about a week or so ago. It's awesome. I'm running both Windows XP AND the Mac operating system at the same time. It's so nice. I'm totally a convert. The main thing I don't like though, is no right-click. WTF? Of course Mac has never had a mouse that really had a right click. Suppose you could always just buy one. I've got a ton of them around here somewhere.

But, I do love the iMac.

So what else... my icons are dying off. George Carlin. Stan Winston. Hoping Sean Connery and Billy Connolly will stick around a while longer.

Got word today that one of my best friends... actually probably one of my first friends ever, Barry Newman, saw me in Vegas when I was there for the GAMA Trade Show. Sounds like he did a double take to confirm it was me. Wished he would have come by and said hi. But the place is a madhouse, so I know how that would have been difficult. Thanks Diane for the tip. Sent a message on his MySpace page. Maybe he'll get back to me.

I hate moving. I know it's the right decision... but I just f*ing HATE moving. I'm dreading it. Cindy said something about stability... yeah, join the club. It ain't just a female thing.

Stress has finally caught up with her. Wondered when it would. We've both been kind of missing our departed relatives lately. Must be the approaching holiday or something... not like we did anything for the 4th... but what else would it be?

Starting to play 4th edition D&D. I gotta say I like it. I do. Wish there was more material. Kinda feels a little dumbed down, but... I think it will be fun.

Delivered the movie to the distributor last week. Dorkness Rising I mean. So that's awesome.

My job. Doing alright. Numbers were way down last month. But I increased my number of calls by at least 25%. Hoping to reach about 50 calls per week. We'll see. Today was a good day of how that could go. Tomorrow I'm going to ride with the most senior salesman with the company, apart from the owner of course. It'll be good to get perspective on how others do it. Good news is though, once the actor's strike is over, there will be plenty of work to go around and my numbers will be a lot better. I just need a good number of customers not directly related to the entertainmnet industry. And the majority of my customers are not, but they're also smaller customers that are being crushed by the downturned economy. Sales is hard work, but it'd be the same story if I were trying to get a movie off the ground... selling. In this economy. So I need to figure out how to do well, because if I can makes significant successes in this time, it'll be awesome when things are better.

Still dreading moving.


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