Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's busy time

Today was a busy day. I didn't even really leave the house. The Dorkness Rising DVD is progressing nicely. Approved the DVD cover today. Now they're working on the DVD menus. Pretty cool.

Work is finally starting to pick up. Was on the phone most of the day, and worked on quotes, in fact I still got one left to do. I think fruit is starting to bear. Yah!

It's beer o'clock!


Barb said...

My blogs are going to your Dashboard and I don't know why. Any suggestions???


Glad to see all your hard work is paying off, Don. Once this play is over, you, Cindy, and I should go out and do something. You know, celebrate the fact that there's nothing to celebrate. I still owe you those beers from helping me move that bed. Be sure to let me know what your drinking preferences are. Can't wait to relax and hang out again. I've missed you guys.

Don Early said...

Grandma, you are creating new blogs every time you post. You only need one blog, and create new posts under that blog.